Law practice areas


  • Company mergers, acquisitions and reorganization
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Competition law
  • Personal data protection
  • Taxes and tax disputes
  • Labour law
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy
  • Agreements on international trade
  • Business consulting and contract preparing
  • Daily legal help on the company‘s activity
  • Representing in arbitration and courts

Family and inheritance law

  • Division of property and obligation
  • Children residence, communication, and maintenance
  • Parenthood, motherhood, parental authority, adoption issues
  • Guardianship, curatorship, declaration of incapacity/limitation of a capacity of a natural person
  • Acceptance of succession
  • Challenging of will, acceptance of succession,  certificate of the right of inheritance


  • Copyright
  • Patents, Inventions, Industrial Designs
  • Brands
  • Responsibility for the goods and services provided to consumers
  • Intellectual property counseling and contracting
  • Preparation of protests and Representation at EUIPO (The European Union Intellectual Property Office)


  • Representation and defense during the pre-trial investigation and in all instances of the courts
  • Counseling of clients in the field of criminal law
  • Financial crimes
  • Political corruption
  • Organized crime
  • Resonant criminal cases
  • Commercial spyware
  • Cybercrime


  • Public procurement
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
  • Concessions
  • Consumer rights
  • Administrative disputes
  • Civil service and labor disputes
  • Consultation and representation in courts and state institutions


  • Carriage of passengers
  • Cargo transportation and logistics
  • Transportation of consignments
  • Sustainable mobility
  • Consultation on the conclusion of work or service contracts
  • Legislative drafting
  • Preparation of agreements, agreements, activity regulations
  • Representation in logistics or freight forwarding cases


  • Consultations on all issues related to the establishment and management of a sports organization (legal entity)
  • Drafting and matching of grant contracts
  • Drafting and agreeing on draft contracts for advertising services
  • Preparation and coordination of sports activity contract projects
  • Co-ordination of individual training contract projects drafting
  • Preparation of contracts for the transfer of rights to professional sportsmen and coaches c
  • Representation of clients’ interests in the process of registration and protection of intellectual property
  • Representation of the interests of sports organizations, professional athletes, coaches and agents in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania
  • Representation of the interests of sports organizations, professional athletes, coaches and agents in the international dispute resolution bodies Basketball Arbitration Tribunal (BAT), FIFA, UEFA, Court of Arbitration for Sports and other