Professionals of various law practice areas

In our daily life law takes a very significant place. Therefore it is vital to understand its importance and pay the due attention. Legal issues are often highly complex; hence we suggest to entrust legal questions to law professionals. Advocate is that only adviser who can guide you for your concern.Lawyers, as well as doctors, have a saying: "Many people want to give advice, but there are only a few who really can".

Gintaras Černiauskas

Managing partner / Lawyer

Laura Daumantaitė

Partner / Lawyer

Gintaras Černiauskas

Managing partner / Advocate

Laura Daumantaitė

Partner / Advocate

Main practice areas


  • Company mergers, acquisitions and reorganization
  • Shareholders disputes
  • Competition law
  • Personal data protection
  • Taxes and tax disputes
  • Labour law
  • Restructuring and bankruptcy
  • Agreements on international trade
  • Business consulting and contract preparing
  • Daily legal help on the company‘s activity
  • Representing in arbitration and courts

Family and inheritance law

  • Division of property and obligation
  • Children residence, communication, and maintenance
  • Parenthood, motherhood, parental authority, adoption issues
  • Guardianship, curatorship, declaration of incapacity/limitation of a capacity of a natural person
  • Acceptance of succession
  • Challenging of will, acceptance of succession,  certificate of the right of inheritance


  • Copyright
  • Patents, Inventions, Industrial Designs
  • Brands
  • Responsibility for the goods and services provided to consumers
  • Intellectual property counseling and contracting
  • Preparation of protests and Representation at EUIPO (The European Union Intellectual Property Office)

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